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Dear Customers,
Ohio Valley Insurance, LLC is proud to announce the addition of Mike Mock’s “Market Minute” to our website. Mike’s market comments are updated daily. Mr. Mock has done several grain market updates for us during the years and we want to thank Lansing Trade Group and Mike for allowing us the opportunity to provide this service to you.

To see Mike’s Market Minute please go to our website – – there you will see Mike’s photo. After clicking on the photo it will take you to the next page, click on “Market Minute” to view the video. You can also sign up for market updates by entering you e-mail address. (We will not share your e-mail address).

Please call us if you have any difficulty with the video. Your feedback on this addition would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and your business,

Dan Hardaway and Allan Murray



Get In Touch with LTG

The key in this next step is the involvement of Lansing Trade Group. In addition to offering a variety of risk management tools, LTG has unmatched skills in point to point trading. The combination of OVI’s approach to crop insurance, and LTG’s cash merchandising capabilities should prove to be a great asset to you in managing your farms risk. Hope to visit with all of you soon.”

Mike Mock, Director of Producer Services

“I am excited for the opportunity to work with Dan and the Ohio Valley Insurance team as Mike has described. Lansing Trade Group is one of the nation’s premier, independently owned physical trading companies. We trade whole grains, feed ingredients, and energy products via all modes of transportation in North America and internationally. With headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, we have offices both domestically and abroad, including across the United States, Brazil, China, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. Thank you for your time. Let’s move some grain.”

Bill Krueger, CEO

Jason Capps has been with Lansing Trade Group for 11 years. He’s from Eolia, MO and completed his BS 2005/MS 2007 in Agricultural Economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia, MO. He is the manager of the Eastern feed grains and oilseeds business. His territory is East of the Mississippi River where he is focused on export markets, interior processing and Southeast destination demand- utilizing all transportation modes. His interests are baseball, outdoors, physical fitness & adoption advocacy.


Ty Harangody has been with LTG for 3 years and 8 years of grain experience. He is from Schereville, IN and graduated from Indiana University in 2009. His expertise is trading NS Ft. Wayne unit trains. Fun fact – his brother is a professional athlete (he was lucky enough to get the smarts).


Scott McAfee has been with LTG for 2 years and 10 total years of grain experience. He is from Toledo, OH and graduated from University of Toledo in 2007. His expertise is farmer hedging strategies and truck trading. Scott enjoys golfing and Michigan football.


Tom Saluto has been with LTG for 3 years and a merchandiser for a total of 7 years. He is from Kansas City, MO and graduated from Park University. His expertise is trading a truck positon East & West of the Mississippi. He enjoys golfing and hunting.


Trigg Routh has been with LTG for 2 years. He is from Kansas City, MO and graduated from the University of Arkansas. He helps Scott with risk management tools. He plays rugby for the Kansas City Blues.



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