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A few words from our satisfied clients.

“Like having great local folks even in small town Clinton, KY! Andrea Davis is quick to respond and very knowledgeable! Great asset to the community!”

- Michael W.

“Amy Geary saved us money by switching to Ohio Valley. She's always searching to keep our rates down. Thank you!”

- Natalie D.

“They say “price is what you pay, service is what you get.” Amy Geary has delivered on both counts for my wife and me! She handled our new policies quickly and with minimal work on our end. And now, she has handled our home claim better than I could have ever even expected. In less than 2 weeks, we already had a check in the mail! Great prices. Top notch service. Wouldn’t ever think of going elsewhere. Highly recommend her and Ohio Valley Insurance LLC.”

- Jody M.

“We are so happy to have Ohio Valley here! Andrea has provided us with the best service and rates! Ohio Valley is by far the best insurance company we have ever had!!”

- Andrea W.

“I do believe Jenny Baird is one of the most helpful people around. When we need her she is there no matter when or what it is she’s on top of it. She gets the tasks done quickly and keeps you up to date on how things are going along. Exactly what you would want and need in an insurance agent.”

- Brittney B.

“We have been so pleased with our service from Ohio Valley. Andrea is quick and always willing to help us get the best premium without sacrificing coverage!”

- Kayla D.

“Andrea Davis is a very good agent and we have had excellent service thus far- would definitely recommend taking a look at what they have to offer.”

- Karen H.

“Andrea Davis has worked hard for us to provide affordable coverage. Great service from great friends.”

- Cliff D.

“Love doing business with Ohio Valley Insurance! So thankful that Josh brought us food while we were waiting in line at Owensboro Grain. Super company, super people!” - Kala F. “Amy saved my husband and me quite a bit of money when we switched over! And the service she gives is incredible. Friend for life!”

- Sam R.

“Amy Geary is awesome! Saved me lots on my auto ins. and I didn't have to do a thing!!!”

- Beth H.